Creative Bathroom Lighting Design Tricks

Every room in the house can be improved with more lighting, and the bathroom is no exception. For privacy reasons, bathrooms don’t tend to have large windows but there are still plenty of ways to brighten up a bathroom. In this post we will describe the various ways to brighten your bathroom from task lighting to reflective lighting, strip lighting, sconce lighting and more. Read below to find out which creative bathroom lighting design tricks would work best in your bathroom.

creative bathroom lighting design tricks

What Kind of Light Do You Already Have?

Standard bathrooms typically have two main kinds of lighting, general lighting (a light in the center of the ceiling) and some form of task lighting (a light over an area such as a mirror or the shower.) While these light sources are adequate they don’t always provide ample lighting.

If your bathroom is only equipped with general lighting, we suggest adding task lighting. Examples of task lighting would be lighting above a shower, mirrors, makeup area, and over a stand alone tub.

Another quick fix can be replacing your old incandescent lightbulbs with LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs. LED will give you a brighter light compared to incandescent; you will also save money as LED is energy efficient and lasts longer. With LED lights you can choose between a whiter light for cool colors or a yellow light for earth tones.

To improve the lighting in your bathroom, try one of these options below:

Reflective Light

You can increase the amount of light in a room by using reflective surfaces. Metal, mirrors, glass, and even white or light colored paint can reflect light to make your bathroom appear brighter and larger.

creative bathroom lighting design tricks

LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting is a great addition to any bathroom due to its versatility. LED strip lighting is a long string of lights, (some are bendable while others are stationary) that can be added around the edge of a mirror (like pictured above) or medicine cabinet, above wall cabinets, or inside wall cabinets with glass doors. They can also be installed under a floating vanity or above the vanity toekick, making them one of the most versatile and creative bathroom lighting design tricks.

led strip bathroom lighting

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Sconce Lighting

When adding light near a mirror, you want to avoid direct light above your head. Overhead lighting will fall directly on your head and cast a shadow on your face making grooming difficult. The addition of sconce lights on either side of the mirror lights your face evenly.

creative bathroom lighting design tricks


Dimmers can be a very simple fix to change the feel of your bathroom. Instead of having to turn on a bright light at any time of the day, you can vary the intensity of the lights. Dimmers allow for a softer light in early mornings and late nights.


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