5 Ideas For Your Beach Bathroom

Few things are as calming as the ocean, and what better place to channel relaxation than your bathroom? Maybe you even have a beach house, condo, or a time-share that needs an update? Or perhaps you’re thinking about buying a beach home and need ideas to make it the vacation home of your dreams. We’ve got some great professional tips to help turn your beach bathroom into the ultimate escape.

Here are 5 ideas to design the perfect beach bathroom:

Oversized Tub

Most of the time our hectic schedules preclude taking a bath. But, a vacation at the beach is the perfect time to pamper yourself and take a few minutes to draw a relaxing bath. Sit back, relax, and cozy up with a book or a glass of wine in an oversized tub. If you have a view, install the tub to take advantage of the view and add to a tranquil experience.

Go Door-less

Large open walk-in showers are perfect for a beach bathroom, but instead of sliding glass doors install a shower without a door. Getting in and out will never be easier and cleaning is a breeze. This will also make your bathroom feel bigger, brighter, and let in all that sunlight.  You’ll feel as if you’re taking a shower out in the open (but you’re not).

Add a Stylish Sink & Vanity

Vessel sinks with wall mount faucets are great for beach bathrooms.  Vessels remind me of the old washbasins that were once set on cabinets and filled with fresh water daily. This modern vanity is hung from the wall leaving the floor open and uncluttered. The modern look juxtaposes with the timeliness of the ocean. This bathroom uses a wall-hung vanity, a large mirror and a frameless glass shower enclosure to take advantage of the natural light and create an expansive feel like the ocean.

Integrate the Outside with the Inside

Large open windows, beach breezes, and soothing sounds of the ocean are all appealing elements when thinking about your dream beach house. Why not incorporate those elements into your bathroom? Perhaps connect the bathroom to an outdoor hot tub or sauna. Depending on how private your residence is may factor into this decision but something as simple as large windows would be a great addition to any beach bathroom.

Outdoor Shower

There’s nothing as refreshing as cool water hitting your sun kissed skin after a day at the beach. Install an outdoor shower at your beach house to make showering fast and easy while keeping sand out of your home. Showers can be tucked away in small spaces such as under steps or under decks, or the corner of a deck.

A small shower stall, with a swinging door, or a door-less stall can create a private oasis or leave it open for a quick rinse before heading to your favorite beachside hangout. An oversized showerhead along with a shelf for toiletries is a great addition.

If any of these ideas have inspired you to tackle that beach house bathroom, give Re-Bath a call. Our experienced Design Consultants would love to help you design your beach bathroom with a free no-commitment in-home estimate. We’d love to help you create that perfect bathroom for your beach get-away.